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Ostiguy Ford à Richelieu

A family story


Company history section

When the foundations are well established, a company has every chance of prospering. Thus, Ostiguy Ford (formerly Automobiles Ostiguy) is a company that has been passed down from father to son and has grown with the region for more than 65 years.
Four dynamic generations at the service of the population: the founder, J.-Pierre Ostiguy, his son, J.Raoul Ostiguy and his two grandsons, Denis and Pierre Ostiguy; nowadays, it is the turn of Stéphanie (daughter of Pierre) to continue the tradition.

The family spirit and a shared philosophy are at the heart of their success: treat their customers well by offering them an excellent product and high-quality personalized service.

The beginnings

In Richelieu, we remember J.-Pierre Ostiguy as a shrewd businessman and visionary mayor. J.-Pierre also presided over the destinies of his city and was mayor of Richelieu from 1945 to 1957.

In the early 1940s, he started a general transport and mechanical company on 2nd Street in Richelieu. Quickly, in 1943, his son Raoul joined him. The latter will obtain the Mercury Meteor Comet franchise in 1946 when this division of Ford is just beginning to distribute franchises.

Truck transport

In 1950, the Ostiguys acquired Marieville Transport, responsible for transporting milk in cans. In the 1960s, the Ostiguys founded the Richelieu Milk Tankers company, which transported milk between different dairy product processing plants. The transport of milk will gradually disappear, finally changing vocation in the 1970s to eventually convert to the transport of petroleum products.

We're moving

We were in 1950, and the company is growing… the staff is a little cramped on 2nd Street in Richelieu. The garage was, however, well located. On the main road (route #1), Chemin de Marieville passed Automobiles Ostiguy. Despite this fact, Mr. J.-Pierre and Raoul Ostiguy are among those who read crystal balls! "One day, the main road will be double-tracked and continuous with the exit from the bridge". This is why they chose to move the company and then build the new concession on a very wooded lot in a cul-de-sac.

The future proved them correct because we are still there! This stretch of road that led nowhere is today the current boulevard Richelieu.

The car dealership

Over the years, Mercury Meteor Comet became Lincoln-Mercury and Ostiguy Ford in 1999. The Ostiguy group is one of the largest employers in the region.
The car dealership has more than 40 employees. The head office of Transports RMT is also located there, even though the truck fleet is now in Montreal. Transports RMT employs 120 people, including 95 drivers.

Always at the forefront

In the early 2000s, brothers Denis and Pierre Ostiguy inaugurated a new independent service. This is "Voie Rapide," a new creation from Ford, a fast service concept with a complete mechanical workshop.

Rapid service and convenient opening hours, Monday to Saturday morning, Voie Rapide Richelieu allows vehicle owners to obtain maintenance and repair services at competitive prices.

Competent people, a big family

The family spirit of the Ostiguy family has never wavered. The leaders of yesterday and today knew how to surround themselves with competent personnel.
"Our employees, explain Denis and Pierre Ostiguy, are part of the family, and many have made their careers with us. Ostiguy Ford's prosperity is first and foremost due to our employees, as well as to the loyalty of our customers! One does not go without the other. »


For a few years now, the new generation of the Ostiguy family has been working in several departments to gain experience and continue the tradition of excellence that has characterized the company's management team.

The year 2013 was a year of renewal for the establishment, which has grown and been completely renovated to provide its customers with even better shopping and service experience than ever!

Denis, Raoul and Pierre
In the early 80's

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